Is FUGOO Still in Business?

Derek Boduch @ 2020-12-07 15:39:52 -0800

Is FUGOO still in business? Whoa, this question is so meta.

If we’re not in business, then who keeps pumping out all these louder, lighter FUGOO 2.0 bluetooth speakers? Who’s keeping the OG waterproof speaker legacy alive? If a FUGOO falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make any sound?


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j/k. FUGOO 2.0 speakers are too loud for no one to hear.

The Better Business Bureau Shows FUGOO is Out of Business

better business bureau fugoo corp listing screenshot


Yeah, that’s awkward… and confusing… and kind of haunting in an existential way.

But there’s an explanation for this. If you’ll humor us, we’ll gladly share the story of how the BBB marked FUGOO out of business.

It’s Hard Out There for a Consumer Electronics Brand

Once upon a time, FUGOO dreamed about being sold in the big box retailers. So we worked hard, created a truly unique bluetooth speaker, and went all in for the chance to be on those golden shelves. And you know what? We made it.

We got into bed with consumer electronics retailers, and like the wife from that movie Goodfellas, we liked it. But in retrospect, it’s not so easy for scrappy upstart types to jump through all the hoops that come with being on retail shelves.


So we pulled the plug. We turned the page. And in January 2020, we turned a corner when FUGOO Corp was acquired by ESI Enterprises. And that’s when the BBB tagged FUGOO Corp with the dreaded “Out of Business” label.

Making the Shift to 100% Online Sales & Service

ESI Enterprises is a global leader in consumer electronics products, specializing in connecting ideas with their marketplace. With leaders from ESI and FUGOO working together, we reengineered the OG waterproof bluetooth speaker, and released the long-awaited FUGOO 2.0 bluetooth speakers in early 2020. 

fugoo 2.0 series product lineup

In a way, FUGOO 2.0 doesn’t just embody the new line of louder, lighter, and more affordable speakers. It also marks a new chapter in this journey, wherein our sales and service will be 100% focused online.

FUGOO Customer Support is Here to Help

Looking for more information on your FUGOO purchase? Wondering how loud FUGOO 2.0s can actually get? Just reach out! FUGOO Customer Support is online and ready to help.

The best way to reach FUGOO Customer Support is through email at

You can also reach out via comment or direct message on the FUGOO Facebook Instagram accounts. 

Of course, you can still call our technical & customer support line at (877) 435-7596, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM PST.

So Is FUGOO Still in Business?

You bet your music-loving ears we are. Despite what the BBB’s website may say, we are alive and kicking and enjoying the music. We may be flying under a new flag, but we’re still flying high together.