How Waterproof is IP67 Waterproof?

How Waterproof is IP67 Waterproof?
Derek Boduch
Derek Boduch


How Waterproof is IP67 Waterproof?

News flash: Water & electronics don’t mix well. Don’t test that statement for yourself. Just trust us. If you want to keep your personal technology and electronics safe, then it’s best to avoid splashing, dunking, dropping or submerging them in water. Unless, that is, they’re IP67 waterproof rated. 

In this post, you’ll learn what IP67 waterproof means, the difference between IP65 and IP67, and how to make sure your FUGOO 2.0 speaker is ready for pool days, beach days, and showertime.


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What Does It Mean to Be IP67 Waterproof?

In general terms, an IP protection rating defines how effectively an electrical enclosure (such as FUGOO’s speaker technology) is sealed against foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, and moisture. As an internationally recognized rating standard, the IP rating system is used and recognized all over the world. 

The ‘IP’ in ‘IP67’ actually stands for “Ingress Protection” (though you might also see it referenced as “International Protection”). Meanwhile, the ‘67’ in ‘IP67’ has a meaning of its own. In fact, in this rating system, it has two meanings! 

The first digit in the IP rating system reflects the level of protection against Solids. This includes items such as tools, fingers, dust & dirt. The highest possible rating for the first digit is a 6. 

The second digit in the IP rating system reflects the ability to protect against Liquids, including drips, sprays, and moisture. The highest possible rating for the second digit is 9K, which is often found on industrial duty electronics and some specific road vehicles.


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Putting it all together, when you see that your FUGOO is IP67 rated, what that actually means is:
  • It’s tested and verified by an internationally recognized IP rating standard.
  • 6 indicates that your speaker has “full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal.”
  • 7 indicates that your speaker has “protection against full water immersion for up to 30 minutes at depths between 15 cm and 1 metre”. 

The Difference Between IP65 and IP67

For most purposes, IP67 products are widely considered to be “waterproof”. However, you might run across products with an IP65 rating and ask yourself, “Is IP65 waterproof too?” 

The short answer is no, IP65 rated products are not considered waterproof. Instead, IP65 products are considered “water resistant,” meaning they can take a low-pressure splash of moisture, but they should not be submerged in water. 

Whereas IP67 rated products (like your FUGOO bluetooth speaker) are waterproof. Meaning you can fully immerse them in water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes with no harmful effects. 


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All FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers are IP67 Rated

When FUGOO bluetooth speakers launched in 2011, we were among the first to introduce a wireless bluetooth speaker that was IP67 waterproof. It was a trailblazing move at the time, and one that’s helped to define FUGOO’s brand, product experience, and legacy. Fast forward a decade to 2021, and every product we’ve ever released continues to live up to the stringent requirements of an IP67 waterproof rating. 

On our original line of FUGOO bluetooth speakers, the interchangeable jackets sealed in the core speaker technology to protect against water damage. With FUGOO 2.0 speakers, the outer jacket has been fused with the inner core technology to create even fewer chances for water, dust, sand and mud to creep in and damage the speaker. Just be sure the silicon panel is in place over the charging port, and you’re good to go. 


fugoo silicone ends


Caption: FUGOO 2.0s feature a silicone panel that seals the core technology within an IP67 waterproof case. 


Can IP67 Waterproof Speakers Be Used for Swimming, Beach Days & Showers?

Hell yeah! With the highest possible IP rating for solids (6) and a waterproof rating for liquids (7), IP67 waterproof speakers like your FUGOO are designed for pool days, beach days and high moisture environments like your bathroom shower. In other words, you can splash, dunk, drop and submerge your FUGOO bluetooth speaker in water without a care in the world.


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