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How Waterproof is IP67 Waterproof?

In this post, you’ll learn what IP67 waterproof means, the difference between IP65 and IP67, and how to make sure your FUGOO 2.0 speaker is ready for pool days, beach days, and showertime.

FUGOO Turns Up The Volume With New Style 2.0, Sport 2.0 And Tough 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers

FUGOO yesterday announced its new line of 2.0 ruggedized and waterproof Bluetooth speakers. 

FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers Are Back In Action

It’s uh… been awhile. Last time we checked in, Baby Yoda was a thing. Not much has changed since then, besides everything. You might be wondering where we’ve been…

Is FUGOO Still in Business?

If we’re not in business, then who keeps pumping out all these louder, lighter FUGOO 2.0 bluetooth speakers? Who’s keeping the OG waterproof speaker legacy alive? If a FUGOO falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make any sound?
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