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Understanding IP Ratings

As consumer habits shift more and more to shopping online, terms such as "waterproof," "weather-resistant," "water-resistant," "dustproof," and many more have similarly increased. Unfortunately, the overuse of these terms can cause significant confusion for the average user; questions such as "can I bring my waterproof speaker to the beach?" and "Will my water-resistant phone survive heavy rainfall?"

Luckily, the International Electrotechnical Commission's got you covered with their "IEC Standard 60529" or, as it's more frequently known, "IP rating" or "IP code."


What is an IP rating?

IP stands for "Ingress Protection" and provides a standardized measurement for how well a device is protected from solid objects/particles and liquids. Unlike generalized marketing terms such as "water-resistant," an IP rating cannot simply be slapped onto a product willy-nilly. For a product to get an official rating, it must undergo stringent testing by a certified, independent lab.

 Below is a typical example of an IP rating.


 As you can see, each rating starts with IP, followed by two characters. The first character indicates the level of protection from solid particles such as sand and dust. The latter refers to the item's water resistance. The higher the number is, the greater amount of protection it provides. Or, in the case where an X is present such as IP6X or IPX7, it indicates simply that the manufacturer didn't specifically test for that level of protection.

 With that in mind, let's explain each number's meaning.


 First Digit – Protection from Solid Particles & Dust*

FUGOO Tough - Durable, Dustproof & Waterproof


The first digit ranges from 0 (no protection) – 6 (no entry) and reflects protection from solid particles and dust.

  • IP0X: NO protection against any physical contact or objects.
  • IP1X: Protected against solid foreign objects 50mm (1.97 in.) or larger. (Ex. any large surface of the body, such as the back of a hand, but no protection against deliberate contact with a body part*)
  • IP2X: Protected against solid foreign objects of 12.5 mm (0.49 in.) or larger. (ex. Fingers or similarly sized objects*)
  • IP3X: Protected against solid foreign objects of 5 mm (0.49 in.) or larger (ex. Tools, thick wires, etc.*)
  • IP4X: Protected against solid foreign objects of 2.5 mm (0.10 in.) or larger (ex. Most wires, slender screws, large ants, etc.*)
  • IP5X: Dust-Protected. The entrance of dust is not eliminated, but it won't let in enough to damage the product from functioning.*
  • IP6X: Dust-Tight - No entrance of dust particles; complete protection against contact. A vacuum must be applied. Test duration of up to 8 hours based on airflow.*

Protection from Water

FUGOO Tough - IPX7 Waterproof


The second digit ranges from 0 (no special protection) – 9 (high-pressure hot water from different angles) and shows how well the product is protected from water.

  • IPX0: The product offers no special protection from water.*
  • IPX1: Protected against vertically falling water drops
  • IPX2: Protected against vertically falling water drops when enclosure tilted up to 15°
  • IPX3: Protected against spraying water at an angle of 60 on either side vertically*
  • IPX4: Protected against splashing water in any direction.
  • IPX5: Protected against water jet spray.
  • IPX6: Protected against powerful water jets from any direction
  • IPX6K: Protected against powerful water jets with increased pressure. (Rarely used)
  • IPX7: Waterproof, can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.
  • IPX8: Can be submerged 1 meter and deeper. )The manufacturer specifies the exact depth.)
  • IPX9K: Protected against close-range high pressure, high-temperature spray downs at close range. (Testing is dictated by a separate standard. Rarely used.)

Curiously, IPX7 and IPX8 do not "stack" with lower ratings. So, it is possible that an IPX8 rated can function underwater for a while but may still be damaged by a spray of water from the side. If a product can survive both scenarios, it gets a dual rating – e.g., IPX6/IPX8.

Products without IP Ratings**

While IP ratings ensure that the product

That means a product did not go through this specific IP test. It's not unusual for a product to get tested for water resistance but not dust resistance. It may have a rating like "IPX7" in this case. In this case, "X" is not the same as "0." It simply means the manufacturer didn't test the product for protection against dust and other solid particles.

In other cases, many audio and electronics companies make waterproof products without having them tested due to the costs associated with certification and testing. In many instances such as this, they will work perfectly fine. However, if they claim to be 100% waterproof and dustproof. In that case, you may want to check independent reviews and testing documentation. Or you could simply browse FUGOO's catalog of waterproof and weatherproof speakers, each of which has been tested to perform anywhere and in any weather.


FUGOO Element - Product Feature Update

Product Feature Announcement:

During routine marketing maintenance; we have learned that certain packaging for the FUGOO Element incorrectly has the product's IP rating as IPX7 instead of IP67. This does not affect the actual product contained in the box which is confirmed to be IP67.

What does this mean?

The IP ratings of a product define an electrical products protection from various elements such as rain, dust and mud. For instance IP67 indicates the product "dust resistant" and can be "immersed in 1 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes". Whereas IPX7 indicates the product provides no dust resistance, but can be immersed in 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. For more detailed on IP Ratings, we have created a handy guide which you can check out here.


As stated before, this does not have any affect on the actual use of the product, nor any of the other advertised product features. It is simply a packaging mix-up affecting a limited amount of units.

The FUGOO Traveler - Wireless Speaker w/ 48 hrs. of Play & QI Charger - Now Available

Hi Friends,

It's been awhile since we've posted, and that's because we took a timeout to focus on delivering unique and affordable audio products that allow you to go anywhere! With that in mind we wanted to let you know of our newest product: The FUGOO Traveler, a portable and lightweight speaker with up to 48 hours of continuous play, a built-in Qi charger, and most importantly crystal-clear, concert level sound. 

What Are FUGOO 2.0s Louder Than?

What Are FUGOO 2.0s Louder Than?

They say silence is golden, but if you’ve heard the pristine audio quality and off-the-charts db levels of FUGOO 2.0 bluetooth speakers, then you know that’s a bunch of malarkey. As Mountain Life Media says, FUGOO 2.0s sound “immersive and resonant but perfectly balanced, with a crystalline high range and a lower end that never vibrates”

And in terms of decibel levels, FUGOO 2.0 speakers represent a substantial leap compared to the original FUGOO bluetooth speakers. For comparison, have a look at the decibels chart below.



To the average consumer, the numbers above may be nice to look at, but what do they actually mean when it comes to volume? Is an increase of 10db really such a big deal? And aren’t there other speakers that play just as loud as FUGOO 2.0s?

Keep reading, friend. In this article, you’ll learn:

  • All about decibels.
  • Decibel levels of the most common sounds.
  • What speakers are FUGOO 2.0s louder than?


What Exactly is a Decibel?

A common misconception about decibels is that they’re a unit of measurement for volume. When in fact, a decibel is a unit of measurement for sound intensity. But before we get too deep into that, let’s start by talking about your ears. 

Your ears pick up on a pretty remarkable range. As the sound level of anything rises, your ears have the innate ability to adjust their sensitivity and perceive sounds as higher or lower in volume.



Humans can sense changes of sound that occur in less than a millionth of a second, and recognize a sound in 0.05 seconds! 


For instance, if there’s a finger tapping lightly on the desk next to you, your ears will pick up on that quickly. Similarly, if there are two fingers tapping, your ears can distinguish the difference. But there’s a limit to how much your ears can distinguish at once–especially when you get into higher decibel ranges. For example, unless you’re Rain Man, you probably cannot distinguish between 1,000,000,000,000 finger taps and 1,000,000,000,001 finger taps. At a certain threshold, all you can make out is the multiplying intensity of sounds. Not the individual sounds themselves. 

So what does all this have to do with decibels? A decibel is a unit of measurement for sound intensity. 1 extra finger tapping on top of 1 trillion won’t raise the decibel level (sound intensity) your ear can perceive. If you add 10 trillion extra finger taps, however, the intensity is magnified, and your ear will perceive the noise as louder.


Is 10 Extra Decibels a Big Deal?

On the surface, it wouldn’t seem like 10db more is a difference maker, but you might be surprised. 

  • The quietest audible sound (near complete silence) is 0 dB. 
  • A sound 10X more powerful is 10 dB. 
  • A sound 100X more powerful than near complete silence is 20 dB.

Increasing the decibel range of FUGOO 2.0 by 10dB speakers actually increases the sound intensity exponentially. So when we say FUGOO 2.0s have added some serious volume compared to the originals, what we’re really saying is that the sound intensity is 10 times greater than the original Go Anywhere speakers!


Decibel Levels of Common Sounds

Now that you have a better understanding of decibels, take a look at the following decibel levels chart featuring common sounds you might encounter in daily life.



Dueling Decibels: FUGOO 2.0 Speakers vs. the Competition

Setting aside the FUGOO XL, FUGOO 2.0 bluetooth speakers fit into the category of small portable bluetooth speakers. When you look at the competition, the value and decibel levels you receive from a FUGOO 2.0 far outweigh some of the most popular competitors in this category.


As you can see, FUGOO 2.0 speakers may not offer the most decibels in their class, but the value you get for the price is nearly untouchable.



Ready to Get Loud? Get Your FUGOO 2.0 Today.

Now that you know a little more about the decibel range of FUGOO 2.0 speakers and how they compare to others in their class, it’s time to experience them for yourself. 

Not only do FUGOO 2.0s deliver more decibels for you dollar, but you can actually pair two 2.0s together to create a remarkable stereo soundstage. Just imagine two 2.0s cranking your favorite playlist at 105dB, and try telling us that silence is golden.






How Waterproof is IP67 Waterproof?


How Waterproof is IP67 Waterproof?

News flash: Water & electronics don’t mix well. Don’t test that statement for yourself. Just trust us. If you want to keep your personal technology and electronics safe, then it’s best to avoid splashing, dunking, dropping or submerging them in water. Unless, that is, they’re IP67 waterproof rated. 

In this post, you’ll learn what IP67 waterproof means, the difference between IP65 and IP67, and how to make sure your FUGOO 2.0 speaker is ready for pool days, beach days, and showertime.


fugoo pool party


What Does It Mean to Be IP67 Waterproof?

In general terms, an IP protection rating defines how effectively an electrical enclosure (such as FUGOO’s speaker technology) is sealed against foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, and moisture. As an internationally recognized rating standard, the IP rating system is used and recognized all over the world. 

The ‘IP’ in ‘IP67’ actually stands for “Ingress Protection” (though you might also see it referenced as “International Protection”). Meanwhile, the ‘67’ in ‘IP67’ has a meaning of its own. In fact, in this rating system, it has two meanings! 

The first digit in the IP rating system reflects the level of protection against Solids. This includes items such as tools, fingers, dust & dirt. The highest possible rating for the first digit is a 6. 

The second digit in the IP rating system reflects the ability to protect against Liquids, including drips, sprays, and moisture. The highest possible rating for the second digit is 9K, which is often found on industrial duty electronics and some specific road vehicles.


fugoo under water


Putting it all together, when you see that your FUGOO is IP67 rated, what that actually means is:
  • It’s tested and verified by an internationally recognized IP rating standard.
  • 6 indicates that your speaker has “full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal.”
  • 7 indicates that your speaker has “protection against full water immersion for up to 30 minutes at depths between 15 cm and 1 metre”. 

The Difference Between IP65 and IP67

For most purposes, IP67 products are widely considered to be “waterproof”. However, you might run across products with an IP65 rating and ask yourself, “Is IP65 waterproof too?” 

The short answer is no, IP65 rated products are not considered waterproof. Instead, IP65 products are considered “water resistant,” meaning they can take a low-pressure splash of moisture, but they should not be submerged in water. 

Whereas IP67 rated products (like your FUGOO bluetooth speaker) are waterproof. Meaning you can fully immerse them in water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes with no harmful effects. 


wet fugoo


All FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers are IP67 Rated

When FUGOO bluetooth speakers launched in 2011, we were among the first to introduce a wireless bluetooth speaker that was IP67 waterproof. It was a trailblazing move at the time, and one that’s helped to define FUGOO’s brand, product experience, and legacy. Fast forward a decade to 2021, and every product we’ve ever released continues to live up to the stringent requirements of an IP67 waterproof rating. 

On our original line of FUGOO bluetooth speakers, the interchangeable jackets sealed in the core speaker technology to protect against water damage. With FUGOO 2.0 speakers, the outer jacket has been fused with the inner core technology to create even fewer chances for water, dust, sand and mud to creep in and damage the speaker. Just be sure the silicon panel is in place over the charging port, and you’re good to go. 


fugoo silicone ends


Caption: FUGOO 2.0s feature a silicone panel that seals the core technology within an IP67 waterproof case. 


Can IP67 Waterproof Speakers Be Used for Swimming, Beach Days & Showers?

Hell yeah! With the highest possible IP rating for solids (6) and a waterproof rating for liquids (7), IP67 waterproof speakers like your FUGOO are designed for pool days, beach days and high moisture environments like your bathroom shower. In other words, you can splash, dunk, drop and submerge your FUGOO bluetooth speaker in water without a care in the world.


fugoo surf






FUGOO Turns Up The Volume With New Style 2.0, Sport 2.0 And Tough 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers

FUGOO yesterday announced its new line of 2.0 ruggedized and waterproof Bluetooth speakers. The Style 2.0, Sport 2.0 and Tough 2.0 are just as stylish, portable and durable as the original award-winning models, but are lighter, louder and can be paired with another FUGOO 2.0 speaker for twice the volume.

FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers Are Back In Action

It’s uh… been awhile. Last time we checked in, Baby Yoda was a thing. Not much has changed since then, besides everything. You might be wondering where we’ve been, what’s new, and why the hell we chose now to come out from under our rock.


Person poking their head out of a hole in the ground.


You’ve Been Heard Loud & Clear

Early in 2020, before the world lost its mind, we lost ours. It happened one evening while reading product reviews from customers like you. Most everyone really seemed to like how their FUGOO speaker was waterproof, shockproof, and ready for anything, but we noticed one piece of criticism that kept popping up over and over and over… MAKE IT LOUDER!!! The message appeared so much that it burrowed deep into our brains, haunting our dreams, and waking us up at night in cold sweats. The OG Bluetooth speaker was great, but it was time to face up to reality: it was time to get back into the lab and figure out what happens next.

Heads Down, On Our Grind, Making Something Great for You

We rededicated ourselves to building a FUGOO speaker that delivers the level of sound you deserve. In 2020, we turned all of our resources and attention towards reengineering the OG waterproof bluetooth speaker to be louder, better, and more affordable.

In fact, we put so much attention into making a product you’ll love, that we lost focus on what makes our bluetooth speakers great in the first place: you. Whether online, by email, or through direct message, many of you have reached out expressing difficulty getting a response from us. We can’t say enough how sorry we are to have let you down. Please accept our deepest apologies.

Now that we’re back in action, feel free to reach out to us for help, guidance, and answers to any challenges you may be experiencing.


Fugoo Sport 2.0, Fugoo Tough 2.0, and Fugoo Style 2.0 angled towards the center of the image.


Meet FUGOO 2.0, the Loudest Bluetooth Speakers We’ve Ever Built 

What's changed?

  • They're Louder. FUGOO 2.0 speakers boast a max sound pressure level of 105db at .5 meters.
  • They're Lighter. Reengineered core technology has reduced the weight of FUGOO 2.0 speakers, making them more portable than before.
  • They're Connected. All FUGOO 2.0 speakers can buddy up with each other. Now you can sync two speakers for booming surround sound.
  • They're Priced to Save you $$. FUGOO 2.0 speakers deliver more decibels for your dollar than the originals.

What's remained?

  • True 360° Sound.
  • 100% Waterproof. With an IP67 rating, FUGOO 2.0 speakers are completely waterproof in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.
  • All Weather Ready. Your FUGOO 2.0 is built mudproof, snowproof, and dustproof to withstand the elements.
  • Long Battery Life. While overall battery life has been reduced to make room for higher volumes, all FUGOO 2.0 speakers still give you at least 10 hours of uninterrupted battery life at 50% volume.
  • Voice-enabled Speakers. With a built-in microphone, you can use Siri & Google Now on your FUGOO just like you would with your smartphone.

What Now?

It's good to be back, but it's been too long since we made some noise together. Order your FUGOO 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker online now, we'll include an additional portable battery while supplies last to keep your FUGOO charged long into the night. Get yours now and let's get loud!

FUGOO Releases Element Bluetooth Speaker w/ 40HR Battery, Waterproof & Robust Ecosystem

"The FUGOO (Element) speaker deserves to be at the top of any Best Bluetooth speaker list."

"No one has the type of battery life this thing does nor is anyone else as shock and water/dust proof and still sounding really good. That it comes in a small drop-proof package is a huge bonus. Set it and forget it."

"The FUGOO (Element) speaker can actually be submerged and still play music underwater up to a meter. It somehow does this without those annoying port coverings over the Micro USB charging and AUX input ports."

"The mic for speakerphone calls is also first class and callers on the other end didn’t complain of echoes like they often do with lesser quality speakers."
"You very comfortably could take this on a long weekend trip and pass on bringing the charger."

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