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FUGOO Bluetooth wireless speakers bring together numerous award-winning features that make them easily fit into the most active of lifestyles.


Each of our speakers combines the highest audio fidelity, durability, portability, and personalized style so that music lovers can enjoy our crystal-clear audio anywhere. Using our decades of engineering experience, we have incorporated numerous best-in-class features that are unavailable from any other company in the market today.


Whether mountain biking, snowboarding, chilling by the pool, working at a dusty job site, camping in the rain, or simply enjoying a candlelight dinner, FUGOO has got you covered.

Pair Up & Save

Every moment deserves a soundtrack, whether you're grilling in the backyard, climbing Mount Everest, or simply enjoying a picnic, there's FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers for any adventure. Easily pair any two to double the volume and amp up the experience.