Turn It Up. Our Story’s A Banger.

FUGOO was created by an adventure-hungry team of designers, developers & innovators with over 100 years of combined experience at industry-leading audio companies like Acer, eMachines, Harmon Kardon, JBL & Toshiba. In 2014, we delivered the world’s first waterproof, snowproof, dustproof, mudproof & shockproof Bluetooth speaker that was designed to go anywhere and play through anything. Soon enough, mountain bikers were bumping Biggie. Construction sites were singing along to Coldplay. And while other speakers scrambled to recreate the magic we made, we hit pause to regroup and redefine what FUGOO Bluetooth speakers could be.

Bringing the Boom with FUGOO 2.0

Today, FUGOO 2.0 speakers represent everything people loved about our originals & more. More decibels, less weight, better audio quality, new pairing capabilities, enhanced customer support –– it’s all built in. So now, no matter how big the adventure, FUGOO 2.0 is the speaker you can trust to bring the noise with you.

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