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Whether you have questions about setting up a new speaker or need help pairing a device, please contact our customer support team at support@FUGOO.com or call us at (877) 435-7596 and we’ll get you rocking as soon as possible!

FUGOO Product Manuals

FUGOO Style Bluetooth Speaker Manuals

FUGOO Style 2.0 Product Manual →

Original FUGOO Style Product Manual →

FUGOO Sport Bluetooth Speaker Manuals

FUGOO Sport 2.0 Product Manual →

Original FUGOO Sport Product Manual →

FUGOO Tough Bluetooth Speaker Manuals

FUGOO Tough 2.0 Product Manual →

Original FUGOO Tough Product Manual →

FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speaker Manual

FUGOO Tough XL Product Manual →

FUGOO Firmware Updates

No firmware updates are currently available. From 2014-2016 we did release a number of firmware updates while we were in the process of perfecting the audio quality and functional options included with our original line of Bluetooth and XL speakers. Since 2016, those firmware updates are included in all production units on our TOUGH XL systems, rendering the firmware updates unnecessary.

In addition, we are no longer offering firmware updates on our new products, as they are no longer required! In an effort to avoid issues of having the updates installed on incompatible models and breaking them, we've made the decision to remove access to the firmware updates altogether.

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