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I absolutely love it!

Have had this speaker for about a year now, absolutely love it!!! It’s loud, sound is clear even at max volume, the battery lasts almost 2 full work days at max volume and even after using it for about a year at probably average 3-4 days a week the battery works as good as it did the day I got it! 

Strong Bass & Amazing Battery

I just got back from a camping trip with tech geek friends, everyone brought a different Bluetooth speaker, so I got to experience a bunch of different ones, The Sony XB-40 was cool (I loved the light show) with nice sound


The sound is clear; the bass is strong, but not rattling, the highs are not tinny. The battery is amazingly strong, I've charged this like 2 times since I got it, and never have I run out of battery. 

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Jamie Shelton

I first turned on this speaker and put it as loud as I could. I thought it wasn't too bad. I had a Bose before this that I lost when I drowned it in water by mistake! Definitely wanted a waterproof one.

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Jessie Nguyen

This speaker is perfect for my needs. I have an off the grid vacation cabin with no electricity, so a 40 hour battery sounded like heaven. The sound is great 

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Martin Jackman

The Story Behind
FUGOO Speakers

What happens when industry-leading designers, developers, innovators, and adventurers team up to deliver the world’s first go anywhere Bluetooth speaker? Well, FUGOO happened, and that was back in 2014.

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If you’re out vibing with your FUGOO speaker and you don’t post about it, did it even really happen?

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"The sound is phenomenal, the unit is made to take a beating, and it’s very easy to set up. Stoked with the purchase!"

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Why Choose FUGOO ?

Shock Proof

We’ve all been there before – you drop your phone and as it falls in slow motion you think about what a pain fixing it is going to be. Well, it may have taken thousands of years of human innovation to get to this point, but with Fugoo’s best in class durability, never worry about shock damage to your speakers again.

Water Proof

Fugoo Bluetooth speakers are waterproof and able to survive in up to three feet of water. Want to strap some tunes to your stand up paddle board? Go for it. Your portable speaker got dirty while mountain climbing? Not to worry, a simple rinse off and you’re back in action.

Mud Proof

The life of an adventurer can get a little messy. But fear not, Fugoo Bluetooth speakers are fully mudproof and dirtproof. After all, good things come to those who get out and do. So get out, get loud, and let your passions take you in any direction they please.